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Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots.
It dates back to analog recording practices. Film reels required the steps of editing, such as cutting the film and pasting it back together to add or remove frames, to be done manually. Hardware equipment was later developed so those processes didn’t need to be done by hand, but any modifications to the footage needed to be physically applied to the film itself.
Today, most video is recorded digitally and can thus be edited using a video editing software. Analog forms of video editing are considered linear, whereas digital video editing is considered nonlinear.

Editing is usually considered to be one part of the post production process.
There are many reasons to edit a video and the editing approach will depend on the desired outcome. Removing unwanted and choosing the best footage, creating a flow, add effects, graphics, music, ... to finally give the video a particular "angle", style, pace or mood.

Let's sit together and create your customized video. Depending on your budget several work flows are possible. We work out a scenario together, or I prepare one myself and discuss the content of the video. I work with a very talented photographer and/or cameraman with tons of experience and professional equipment so recorded material is of the highest standard. You can also provide your own footage and we will see if it can be used.